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A year is almost over. We get older and we start wondering about the way our life is going.
We killed our dreams in this last year, we haven't fought for what we believe in.
We wish to change. A change is the only thing you want.
Take a breath and fly.

My newest drawing! I haven't drawn since September but now I finally found a bit of time and inspiration to pick up my pencils. This drawing expresses the wish of change. 2010 wasn't one of my best years so far. I haven't drawn that much and most part of my dreams were put aside. I've joined university and realised that, although I do like what I'm studying, it is not my passion. I stopped fighting for what I want. My wish for 2011 is for things to change. I hope to put all my plans into practise.

A lot of news are coming for 2011! I hope to draw much more and change a bit my style of drawing. Also, I'll finally start using my work for commercial purposes and I'll be doing competitions to find models for my drawings so stay tunned! :)

I wish you all a great 2011, much better than 2010! May it bring everything you wish for!

Reference picture:

Comparing the original picture with the drawing:

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