Graphic Journal: 729

janeiro 14, 2011,5 Comments

Today I went to the university in the morning to have two classes and, thereafter, I had an exam of Political Sciences. I finished it quite fast so I've came to the bus stop so I could pick up the bus and come home.
Funny thing is, while being at the bus, I felt a need to draw. I do carry my graphic journal sometimes in my bag just in case and today was one of those days so I've decided to pick up a pen (I never ever use a pen to draw but my only mechanical pencil was without leads) and started drawing Tom Kaulitz from my mind. The result is what you can see below.

(feel free to click on the image and use it as a wallpaper if you wish. it's 800x600)

I've just scanned it (that's why the two pages) and some little wrinkles appeared but I actually think it gives an unique look to the sketch.
I gave this sketch the name of «729» because that's the number of the bus I catched up (actually, I continued the drawing on another bus but the inspiration came just there!).
I really hope you'll like this messy thing even though it's not exactly what I know people would expect me to post.
Have a great weekend!

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5 comentários:

  1. From your head? Amazing. His nose is especially right on, and those are killer to do straight from memory.

  2. yes, from my head :) I prefer to use a reference but I didn't have one at the moment...
    thank you! ^^

  3. you've got amazing touch, you seem to know when to go deep & when to go light