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janeiro 26, 2011,0 Comments

This week I've been inspired by...




1. These super cute tea boxes and teabags. I absolutely love tea so I don't need a pretty image to compel me to buy it but, well, it's always more than a pleasure to look at these.
Found here.

2. Kristin Tercek's Cuddly Rigor Mortis illustrations. Damn, you gotta love these! I wish I had so much talent and imagination! :)

3. This gorgeous show. It's called Dreamer and I absolutely think Kelli Murray did a great job: the illustrations, the set, the details... everything fits perfectly! I love the theme!

4. 28 different ways of wearing a scarf. Never though one could find so many! Shared by Elsie Flannigan.

5. Last but not the least, this amazing video about Portugal. Beautiful landscapes and a rich historical past. Be sure to watch it! ;)

I'm currently working on a comission, I hope I'll be able to show some details of my work very soon!
Tomorrow I'm going to my parent's to enjoy my holidays from university... it's been really cold these last days and my parents live more in the North than I do so I'm quite sure I'll be spending quite some time drawing next to the fireplace or close to an heater, drinking some tea! It's seems to me that very productive days are coming :)
Hope you're feeling inspired as well!


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