Winter's Rose

fevereiro 08, 2011,6 Comments

So, I finally finished the drawing of the Winter Competition. Remember the winner, Valerie? ;)

I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this drawing. Unfortunately (and as usual), I don't like the scanned image but I guess I really love the original, it's so life-like.
I've decided to call it Winter's Rose, I'm quite sure you can see why ;)
Anyway, if you're into entering a new competition, you can see all the details here.
Have a great week!


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Feeling inspired...

fevereiro 05, 2011,10 Comments

I don't know whether it is from being at holidays or from the subject of my current drawing, I've been feeling quite inspired lately. I'm enjoying the outcome of the drawing (I usually hate it during the process of making and when finished!) and I've been plenty of ideas. I couldn't even tell, it would take too long. Themes for upcoming competitions, ideas for merchandise of my work, new sketches for drawings, wishing to enter contests... I'm the (very slow) machine these days!
I've even finally decided to order some art supplies online. I can't find any shops with drawing supplies here so I decided to go for online shopping. Can't wait for my stuff to come, I'll post an update when it does! ;)
So, for you to feel productive as well, here's a bunch of stuff that has inspired me lately...

1. These crazy but awesome illustrations, found here.

2. The front of this shop. WOW! If I ever get a shop, this is what I want, okay?

3. This sketchbook. So true.

4. Sketching on Starbucks cups. This artist is the pro. Never thought about it but now I got the idea. Maybe next time I'll take a pen to Starbucks while enjoying my drink.

5. This website. If you love food illustrations just like me, this is going to become your bible.

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Winter Competition - winner & WIP

fevereiro 04, 2011,6 Comments

I finally took the time to announce the winner of the Winter Competition!
And the winner is... Valerie Nijssen!
Valerie sent me 3 beautiful pictures related to Winter and it was hard to pick between two of the ones she sent but I ended up chosing this one, I love the mood of it...

And here's the first WIP I have to share with you! The picture isn't the best but you can get an idea ;)
I'm absolutely enjoying drawing this picture of Valerie and although it will still take some time to get finished (specially to work on the texture of the beret!), I'm pretty excited with the outcome. I hope you'll like it too!

Furthermore, I've been thinking on titles for this drawing... so far I've only came out with Winter's rose or Winter's goodbye... feel free to leave me your suggestions!

Today I'm having some pain on my teeth... my wisdom teeth (or third molars, as you wish) are growing up and it hurts a bit. I've always been quite late with teeth so I guess it will still take some time for them to come out. They started aching sometime ago but only today, when I was drinking coffee and I started feeling some pain, I've realised they're finally coming out. Let's see if I can draw a bit even if not very comfortable.
Have a great Friday, weekend's coming ;)

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