Winter's Rose

fevereiro 08, 2011,6 Comments

So, I finally finished the drawing of the Winter Competition. Remember the winner, Valerie? ;)

I'm quite pleased with the outcome of this drawing. Unfortunately (and as usual), I don't like the scanned image but I guess I really love the original, it's so life-like.
I've decided to call it Winter's Rose, I'm quite sure you can see why ;)
Anyway, if you're into entering a new competition, you can see all the details here.
Have a great week!


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6 comentários:

  1. parabéns pelo desenho! muito bem conseguido. :)

  2. OMGGG!!! You are absolutely amazing! Your artwork is so good, I was stunned when I scrolled down to see your work! Fantastic blog! I also LOVE your name, Ester sounds beautiful.

  3. wow thank you so much for the kind words, Shayla! I'm glad you like my artwork! Also, thanks for the compliment on my name... it's not very common in my country but I guess it gets even more weird for foreigners... I have a friend from Czech Republic who told me that when she says my name to her friends, they all say it sounds exotic :P

  4. you did a great job, ester ♥ i love your drawings ! they're just amazingly pretty !

  5. thank you, Tenn, dear :D I'm glad you like it!