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março 26, 2011,4 Comments

Yesterday, I got aware YouTube has blocked my video in a few countries, having people telling me they couldn't watch it.
You can't watch it on YouTube, I'll find you another place for you to watch it! :D So, there you go, I'm posting the video on my blog so EVERYONE can watch it! Enjoy it and let me know what you think of it ;)

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Masquerade Parade

março 25, 2011,3 Comments

After finishing the drawing I've been working on sometime ago, I've finally finished editing the video of the drawing process today... so, yes, I can finally share it all with you!

And for those of you who want to check all the process, here's the video.
Enjoy it!!

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Buy my artwork :)

março 21, 2011,2 Comments

I'm proud to announce my artwork is now for sale as tubes at Dreamscape Imaging.
A tube is a small digital version of a drawing/image with no background, used for creating signature tags in a program such as paint shop pro.
If you're a tagger or enjoying creating digital artwork, be sure to check it!

I hope I'll be successful with this new step I'm taking further with my artwork. Let me know what you think and, specially, enjoy it! xx

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New sneak peek

março 14, 2011,0 Comments

Here you go! A new preview of what I'm currently working on. :)
These pictures were taken with my cellphone since, as you may see, my camera is standing on a tripod. As I've told you before, I'm working on a new colour drawing while recording the whole process. Just a bit less to get it finished, yay! I still need to decide which picture I'll use for the background of the picture, any ideas? Also, I'm still in the need of ideas for the beggining of my videos.
Anyway, slowly, I'll get there!
Have a great week!


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Drawing again!

março 07, 2011,2 Comments

After my absence, I'm back at drawing! And making videos of myself drawing! True, true!
I've finally bought a tripod for my camera so today I decided to set everything up and started a new drawing. I've recorded the whole process so far. Or almost... I forgot to check everything before I start so my camera ran out of battery and I didn't notice it until a few minutes after it happened so I have a bit of the process missing... still, I don't wanna waste the opportunity to make a speed drawing video so, do you think I should make it even if a bit is missing?
Also, I've created an Youtube Channel and I need ideas for video introductions... I mean, how should I start my videos? I want to do something personal so I think I should show a bit more about me and my passion for drawing in the beginning of my videos... any ideas?
Have a great week!

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