Drawing again!

março 07, 2011,2 Comments

After my absence, I'm back at drawing! And making videos of myself drawing! True, true!
I've finally bought a tripod for my camera so today I decided to set everything up and started a new drawing. I've recorded the whole process so far. Or almost... I forgot to check everything before I start so my camera ran out of battery and I didn't notice it until a few minutes after it happened so I have a bit of the process missing... still, I don't wanna waste the opportunity to make a speed drawing video so, do you think I should make it even if a bit is missing?
Also, I've created an Youtube Channel and I need ideas for video introductions... I mean, how should I start my videos? I want to do something personal so I think I should show a bit more about me and my passion for drawing in the beginning of my videos... any ideas?
Have a great week!

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