Drawing Elsie: Day 12

abril 01, 2012,4 Comments

Just in case you're wondering (I thought this mistake could happen), the drawing still isn't finished. No, that isn't the bottom of the drawing yet. Almost there though. (And no, the new blog design isn't finished either but I only need to complete a few things and it will be done!).
On a side note, yesterday I started reading the first book of 'The Hunger Games' while in the train. And I finished reading it yesterday. I guess I got a bit addicted? I've ordered the second book a few days ago, can't wait to get it in my hands. And can't wait to watch the movie as well.
Só para o caso de se estarem a questionar (pensei que este erro poderia ocorrer), o desenho ainda não está acabado. Não, isto ainda não é o fundo do desenho ainda. Quase lá contudo. (E não, também ainda não acabei o novo design do blog mas apenas preciso completar umas coisas e estará pronto!).
Num aparte, ontem comecei a ler o primeiro livro da série 'The Hunger Games' quando estava no comboio. E acabei de o ler ontem. Acho que fiquei um pouco viciada? Já encomendei o segundo livro há uns dias, mal posso esperar por o ter. E mal posso esperar para ver o filme também.

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  1. holy moly! you finish that book in JUST ONE DAY? Ahhhhh this makes me admire you even more *___*
    i wish we were bff in real life this way i would be more disciplined and productive!

  2. well, one thing people don't know is that I used to be a bookworm! 'The Hunger Games' is super small, I used to read books with 700 pages in one day! I just don't do it anymore because due to college I never have time to read anything else but boring technical books haha
    aww that would be sweet, you're so nice, Sydney! I think it's all a mater of getting organized! I used to proscrastinate a lot as well but now I'm just on the right way to be productive I guess! I think I'll talk about that on the blog sometime ;)