Wednesday WIP: Kaylah - Part I

maio 16, 2012,11 Comments


I'm pretty sure you might be wondering why am I not posting a new WIP of this drawing. To be honest, this week I felt like working on some realism so I decided to finally start drawing Kaylah from The Dainty Squid as I intended to do a long time ago.
I've spent quite some time drawing her bangs (in case you can't tell) so I can't wait to move on to her face and the rest of her hair! :) I truly need to get some practise on realism as I am actually thinking on opening my very own Etsy shop for my drawing commissions. What do you think, good or bad idea? Any advice from fellow Etsy sellers?
Tenho a certeza que se devem estar a questionar por que não estou a publicar um novo WIP deste desenho. Para ser honesta, esta semana senti que devia trabalhar um pouco no realismo por isso decidi finalmente começar a desenhar a Kaylah do The Dainty Squid como já queria fazer há algum tempo.
Passei algum tempo a desenhar a franja (para o caso de não conseguirem ver) por isso mal posso esperar para passar para a cara dela e para o resto do cabelo! :) Preciso mesmo de ganhar alguma prática no realismo já que estou a pensar abrir a minha loja no Etsy para as minhas encomendas de desenhos. O que acham, boa ou má ideia? Algum conselho de quem tem uma loja no Etsy?

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11 comentários:

  1. Do you have any tips on how to get the hair to look so real? How many different leads/pencils do you use?

  2. Eu acho que é uma óptima ideia, e tenho a certeza de que este desenho vai ficar fantástico! Força, querida :)

  3. Hi! I guess the best tip I can give you is to have a lot of patience! I used to rush when drawing hair but taking your time definitely pays off! Depending on the drawing, I'll usually use something from 1-3 different pencils. I use a rubber to make highlights, it definitely does help! :) I'll try to write a tutorial on drawing hair in the future!

  4. muito obrigada, Vanessa! :) no período entre fazer trabalhos para a faculdade, lá vou desenhando um bocadinho...

  5. I love Kaylah's blog! Can't wait to see how this artwork turns out!

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  6. I personally think that you should definitely open up an etsy shop to sell commissioned drawings, you are so talented Ester! But, another thing is I would be wary of how many commissions you take on at once, because it coule get pretty overwhelming! Good luck dear! Also, I love Kaylah's blog, I'm excited to see the finished drawing!

  7. wow thank you so much, Oana! I think that's such a huge compliment coming from an amazing artist like you!

  8. Thanks, Meanz! I actually tought of it and I'll definitely keep my listing small at each time so I'm able to work on my commissions without getting too much pressure! :) I can't wait to finish the drawing either, I truly hope I'll make it justice to Kaylah's awesomeness!

  9. This looks amazing so far; I can't wait to see it finished! :)