segunda-feira, março 04, 2013

I got nine lives, cat's eyes

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Shirt Camisola: c/o Lush | Skirt Saia: Ebay | Tights Collants: Primark | Scarf Lenço: Cortefiel | Brincos Earrings: Parfois | Bag Mala: Primark Ring Anel: c/o The Purple Shmurple Shoppe | Shoes Sapatos: Deichmann 
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As I have mentioned here, I decided to try to start taking some photos of my outfits indoors, at least during week days, so you could see what I have been wearing! I truly love the quality of outdoor photos so you may believe me when I say I thought a lot at the pros and cons of taking this decision but I hope the lack of quality and photos will be admissible if I can actually share my outfits more often! Be sure to let me know your honest opinion when it comes to this decision, it's really important to me!
Speaking of this outfit in specific, this is just something casual I like to wear to school, with my usual mix of patterns! I haven't worn this skirt in a long time and it reminded me of how much I love it even if the cat pattern doesn't match everything... still, I thought it looked great with my peter pan collar striped blouse so I decided to wear it! Stylish and yet super comfy!
Como mencionei aqui, decidi tentar começar a tirar algumas fotos a outfits dentro de casa, pelo menos durante a semana, para que possam ver o que tenho usado! Eu adoro verdadeiramente a qualidade das fotos tiradas na rua por isso acreditem em mim quando vos digo que pensei muito nos prós e contras de tomar esta decisão mas espero que a falta de qualidade e de fotos seja admissível se na realidade conseguir partilhar os meus outfits mais frequentemente! Deixem-me a vossa opinião honesta no que toca a esta decisão, é muito importante para mim!
Falando deste outfit em específico, é simplesmente algo casual que gosto de usar para a faculdade, com a minha mistura de padrões habitual! Não usava esta saia há muito tempo e fez-me lembrar o quão gosto dela mesmo se o padrão de gatos não combina com tudo... ainda assim, pareceu-me óptima com a minha blusa às riscas com gola peter pan por isso decidi usá-la! Com estilo e ainda assim super comfortável!


20 comentários:

  1. This is adorable! I love how you've matched all these colours and prints!

    I came over from Twitter because I was interested in the topic of indoor outfit photos... which normally I absolutely hate, but I cannot believe you took these inside! The quality and lighting is excellent and don't think I would be able to tell the difference between these and outside shots!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven

  2. Tão bonita! Adorei a saia e as collants :)

  3. Adorei este outfit, tão bonito! E acho que as fotos ficaram muito bem, mesmo sendo tiradas dentro de casa :)

  4. A saia é mesmo muito linda, naoo fosse eu fã de gatos e padrões com gatos :D

  5. Your outfit is just adorable!! I love all the details, from the purse to your brogues!


  6. OMG! I need that skirt. So rad. I love clothing with cat pictures on it.

  7. Okay, seriously? Your indoor photos turn out so much better than mine! Our house is so cluttered, there's not a single blank wall for me to take photos -_-
    Ah well, love your effortless print mixing! That skirt is just adorable <3

    Trendy Teal

  8. i thought the indoor photos turned out great! love the outfit :)

  9. thanks, dear! It means so much to me to know you like these photos! I've struggled for so long thinking whether I should taking indoor photos or not because of the lack of quality and I definitely had a hard time finding the best spot to take them so I'm so happy reading your comment! :)

  10. eu adoro-a e acredita, ao vivo é ainda mais bonita!

  11. I actually bought it on Ebay (though now I've seen many online shops that have this exact skirt) and it was quite cheap... I love it! can't resist a cat print :)

  12. ahah my house actuallys has a couple of white walls so I have something to start from when taking pictures... I guess my biggest struggle is with shadows, I hate them! haha
    thank you!

  13. First off, I love your outfit so much. All the patterns and layers work perfectly together.

    Also, while I love outdoor photos, they are just not practically all the time and these are great indoor shots. Love it with the white so it allows the viewer to focus on your outfit more, actually.